February in Maine

(the view from our house - click twice to make the little pictures full size)

February 23rd




and for those who wonder what our evergreens look like when they aren't weighed down with a foot of snow,
this was taken from about the same spot as the first picture above,
though it's from several years ago when the trees were a bit smaller

The story continues - some melting already by February 24th


(for those who wondered - we do indeed sometimes have blue sky!)

Mostly gone by the morning of February 27th


the branches that still have snow are those that are shaded by the house
and get very little direct sun

Back to normal by February 28th


It's not obvious in the pictures, but the bottommost branches are still stuck in snowdrifts
and may remain there for weeks; they may not recover fully - but they might!

Comparison - February 23 and February 28


Not quite the same angle, but a clear comparison for the evergreen on the right;
you can also see that the forsythia in the lower left corner has recovered.

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