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Woolwich, Maine

June 27, 2010

The Taste of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich
Taste of Maine Restaurant sign

has had an osprey nest on the property for a number of years, and has had a camera on the nest for part of that time with a monitor in the lobby.
view of osprey nest from lobby

Last year the BioDiversity Research Institute began streaming the nest to the web - and that web cam is where I discovered this osprey nest less than 20 miles from my home!

We visited the restaurant on June 27 (great view from the deck, lobster stew!) - and Charlie and I took a few pictures.

Here's what you see when you arrive (all pictures click much bigger):
osprey nest background osprey nest background

And this is what the sign on the pole says:
View Osprey Nest in Lobby

And this is the nest from the parking lot:
view of osprey nest

But you can get a better view from the stairs on the side of the building - Mom was aware I was watching her, but didn't seem alarmed, and I wasn't as close as it may appear - especially after you click these to full screen!

osprey in their nest

osprey in their nest

osprey in their nest

osprey in their nest

The chicks were about 4-1/2 weeks old when these pictures were taken.