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Woolwich, Maine

September 10, 2014


I stopped at Taste of Maine tonight, and again did not see the not-so-young one - but the person I was chatting with said she was still there yesterday, so it's quite possible that she's still around, and spending time away from the nest, as all the most successful young osprey do at this stage.

Charlie was out in the boat today with some old friends, and saw one young osprey demanding food (not on a nest, but in a place where an adult might have been lurking), but generally saw many less than a week or two ago.  As far as I know, there really hasn't been a wind from the North to sweep the young ones South - but their urge for going may be strong enough that they've started moving, even if it's only a pond or inlet away.

It was beautiful there today! And I did some of their great lobster mac 'n' cheese to go for our dinner! But it would have been nice to have seen or at least heard an osprey or two.

Taste of Maine Taste of Maine

Taste of Maine Taste of Maine



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